Research Topics

Our research focuses on developing advanced data analysis methods such as machine learning and data mining, and their applications to important real-world problems in various fields including marketing, healthcare, and industrial systems. Our research interest also includes human-computer cooperative problem solving for hard problems that cannot be solved only by computers.

1. Advanced Machine Learning Methods

Although machine learning has achieved significant developments in recent years, we still face situations in the real world where existing techniques are not applicable .

We generalize such situations to find out novel machine learning problems, and develop solutions for them.
Example include predictive modeling of complex structured data such as sequences, trees and graphs, that are general representations of natural language texts, chemical compounds, and social and biological networks.

graphs[Selected Publications]

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2. Novel Machine Learning Applications

While machine learning has been successfully applied to various fields including marketing, healthcare, and industrial systems, there still remains a number of unexplored fields where machine learning can make significant contributions.

Collaborating with partners in industries and governments, we investigate new applications of machine learning to make great impacts in real-world contexts.

Our target domains include:
Web marketing, transportation, industrial systems, education, bio-/chemo-informatics, healthcare, material science, human resource management, and patent analysis.


[Selected Publications]

  • Hisashi Kashima, Yoshihiro Yamanishi, Tsuyoshi Kato, Masashi Sugiyama, Koji Tsuda. Simultaneous Inference of Biological Networks of Multiple Species from Genome-wide Data and Evolutionary Information: A Semi-supervised Approach. Bioinformatics, Vol.25, No.22, pp.2962-2968, 2009.
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3. Human Computation / Human-in-the-loop AI

Despite of the recent significant advances of artificial intelligence technologies and the spreading idea of AI being a possible threat to mankind, the reality is that the ability of artificial intelligence is still behind that of mankind in terms of flexibility and creativity, especially for abstract, open-ended, and context-dependent tasks.

Human computation / Human-in-the-loop AI is a relatively new research area aiming at solving hard problems by combining artificial intelligence and human intelligence. We explore the world of human computation and human-in-the-loop AI, a new frontier of artificial intelligence research.


[Selected Publications]

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