Our research focus is on advanced data analysis methods such as machine learning and data mining, and on their applications to important real-world problems in various fields including marketing, healthcare, and industrial systems. Our research interest also includes human-computer cooperative problem solving for hard problems that cannot be solved only by computers.

1. Advanced machine learning methods

Although machine learning has achieved significant development in recent years, its scope of application is still limited and we often encounter situations where direct application of these methods ends up in failure when applied to various challenges or structures of data that we actually face in real world.

We find out such problem settings in machine learning and design computational models and algorithms for them.
For example, we have been developing predictive models for complex structured data such as sequences, trees and graphs.


2. Innovative applications of machine learning

While machine learning has been utilized in various fields including marketing, healthcare, and industrial systems, there remains a number of situations where machine learning can make significant contributions in real world.

Collaborating with partners in industries and governments, we investigate new application of machine learning, aiming at connecting data analysis technology to the solution of problems that can create great impacts in real-world contexts.

Our target domains include:
Web marketing, transportation, industrial systems, education, bio-/chemo-informatics, healthcare, material science, human resource management, patent analysis


3. Human Computation

Recently, intelligence information technology including machine learning generates high performance that exceeds human in fairly intelligent tasks such as general question answering and board games.
On the other hand, there still remains a multitude of difficult problems that cannot be solved only by computer such as deep cognition and creative design.

“Human computation” is a relatively new research area aiming to solve such hard problems by coordinated combination of computers and humans. By exploring the world of human computation, we strive to create new landscape of intelligent science and technology.